At Sinergia Catalana we perform all kinds of assemblages to provide every service that is needed in homes, shops and houses nowadays.

We can also take care of all types of certifications.


- Plumbing in general

- Batteries for meter boxes

- Boilers and heaters

- Radiators and accumulators

- Building distribution network

- Pumps

- ...


- Repair and changes in drainpipes and general sewage systems for buildings


- Domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations

- Centralization of meters

- Lighting planning in homes and businesses

- Home automation


- Domestic, commercial and industrial gas installations

- Centralization of meters

- Building distribution network

Climate control:

- Domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioning

- Electric heating

- Gas heating

- Radiating heating


- Smoke extraction

- Ventilation systems for commercial and industrial premises


- Wired and wireless Internet

Metal structural work:

- We do all kinds of metal structural work. Please, take a look at the gallery to see some examples.